The Best Man Speech: An Infographic

Being a best man can be a daunting task. You've got to look your best, behave (relatively) well and, most importantly, deliver a best man speech that'll be remembered forever by friends and family. It's no wonder that many best men panic in the run-up to the big day!

The good news is that we received an awesome infographic from Loyes Diamonds in Ireland that offers some great advice for crafting the perfect best man speech. You can check it out below in all its glory, but we’ve selected some highlights from the tips on offer.

Best Man Speech Tip #1: Introduce Yourself

You shouldn’t assume that everyone knows who you are! Make sure you introduce yourself and explain your relationship with the groom before getting fully into your best man speech.

Best Man Speech Tip #2:  Offer Marriage Advice

You might not be married yourself, but there’s a wealth of great (and terrible) marriage advice to be found online. Depending on the tone of your best man speech, make this as serious, or fun, as you like.

Best Man Speech Tip #3: Include Some Anecdotes

Since you know the groom pretty well, it’s safe to assume that you’ve got some great stories to tell. However, it’s probably best not to include anything about their previous girlfriends! Try to keep it as clean as possible, too, because there might be kids in the room!

The infographic also includes some interesting background to the tradition of best man speeches, including:

Historically, the groom would ask the best man to be the guardian of the bride in the run-up to the wedding day

In the past, the groom would stand to the bride’s right so that he could draw his sword quickly if needed. The best man’s job was to stand on the bride’s left to prevent surprise attacks from the other side. Sounds like dangerous work!

As promised, you can check out the full infographic below (caution… it’s a LONG one)! If you’re not a best man, but are in the process of choosing your wedding party, it might be a good idea to bookmark this for sharing later!

Best Man Speech Infographic by Loyes Diamonds | Boundless Weddings