Tips to Help Choose Your Wedding Party

Deciding who will stand with you on your big day may seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry - we've drawn up a list of helpful tips to help choose your wedding party.

Think before you ask

Remember this – once you’ve asked someone to be part of your wedding party, there is no turning back. So while it may be incredibly tempting to call all your closest friends to be in your bridal party after you say “Yes!”, you really shouldn’t. Take some time and think things over. Besides, there are other things to consider before you look at your bridal party, like your budget. When you are ready to make this decision, ask yourself one important question: Will you still be as close to this person in five or 10 years, as you are with them now?

Include your siblings

Even if you’re not that close with your sister or brother, you should include them in your wedding party, and not because your mom said so. Your siblings will be the ones that are around well past your fifth and tenth wedding anniversaries, and should be part of your big day. If you come from a big family, ask the younger siblings to help with other aspects of the wedding, like passing out programs or seating guests.

Don’t ask them just because they asked you

There is no need for you to ask someone to be part of your wedding party just because they asked you to be in theirs. Choose who you want to have up there standing with you, not just someone who you need to reciprocate the gesture to.

No kids required

You don’t need to have children as part of your bridal party, particularly if you don’t feel close to any children. That said, if you have lots of children you and your partner are close to, then incorporate them into your wedding party as flower girls or ring bearers.

Be honest with your expectations

The members of your bridal party, as we said before, will be spending a lot their time and money to help ensure you have a perfect day. Make sure you are honest with what you expect from them as they step into these important roles. Do you want them to help stuff envelopes and attend all pre-wedding parties? Or are you OK with them just showing up on the big day wearing the outfit you have picked for them? You need to have this conversation so that you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.