You’re Engaged… Now What? Four Great Wedding Planning Tips

Congratulations on your engagement! Once the shock of being engaged wears off, you’ll be neck deep in new decisions to say “I do” to. The Boundless team has compiled four key wedding planning tips you’ll need to help kick off your wedding planning fun!

Set your budget

Far and away the most important of our wedding planning tips, this is also one of the most sensitive areas of planning. Before anything else happens, you, your partner and your families will need to sit down and have a serious discussion about the financial bottom line. How much is everyone contributing? This is the number that will affect every decision you make about your wedding. This conversation can be a little awkward, but you need to get it out of the way before you spend a single dollar on anything for the big day. We recommend making a list of your wedding needs vs. wedding wants. If there is money left over after all the needs are taken care of, you can then start on the wants list.

If you need some help drafting a budget, The Knot has a wonderful interactive budget tool for you to try out.

Draft your guest list

Keep in mind this isn’t your final list, but it will help you when looking at venues and planning your budget. If you have a particular spot in mind for your wedding and/or reception, you may have to limit how many guests you invite.

This will also be the time where you identify the “must invites” for your wedding, especially for your parents. Remember, if your parents are the ones providing a large chunk of the budget, you will have to consider their invitees when making your list. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the more guests you have, the higher your cost will be for catering.

Insure your engagement ring

Once you take a second to peel your eyes away from the sparkly new ring perched on your finger, you are going to want to get it insured. This will give both you and your fiance some piece of mind just in case something happens to it.

So how do you insure it? You can add it as an extension to your existing renter or homeowner policy, or you can go through a company that specialized in jewellery insurance. The latter may over more coverage for your ring than a standard homeowner’s policy, but you’ll need to do your research.

Select your wedding party

Our wedding planning tips aren’t all about the stressful stuff, particularly when it comes to picking your bridal party! It’s now your turn to do the proposing to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. There are a couple things to think about when you ask your nearest and dearest to be part of your big day:

1. They will be spending their own time and money to make you and your partner happy on your big day, so be kind and considerate.

2. Make sure you share your ideas and plans with them early on so that you can enlist their help. This will also bring them up to speed on what’s to come, which will help them be ready to ensure you and your partner have a great time.