How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

So you’ve just booked your engagement session, now what? You probably have a few questions about how to prepare and Boundless is here to help!

There are a few things that you will need to consider prior to the shoot so that everything runs smoothly and that the photos truly showcase the incredible connection between you two! This article includes some ideas and suggestions from professional photographers to ensure that your photos turn out as fabulously!

Where should we shoot?

If a location doesn’t come immediately to mind, try thinking of somewhere meaningful to you as a couple! Where did you go on your first date? Where did the proposal take place? Where do you hang out on weekends? If you connect with your surroundings it will definitely show through in your photos! If nothing is jumping out at you, think of scenic spots nearby like parks, beaches, forests, or gardens. If you’re still not having any luck, feel free to ask your photographer for suggestions! Chances are they know of several great locations nearby and can suggest a few for you to consider. If you’re having the opposite problem and can’t narrow down a list of potential places to shoot, you could always have multiple locations and travel between them. Just make sure to let your photographer know beforehand so they can properly estimate how much time you will need to fit everything in.

What should we wear?

Wear something comfortable! You could end up standing, sitting, kneeling, jumping, or rolling around for a couple of hours so you want to be prepared! If your shoot is outside, make sure to dress for the weather! Winter shoots are great but if there’s snow on the ground, you’ll definitely need your boots! When considering an outfit, you should try to choose something that reflects your personality. If you like bright colours, go for it! Just avoid crazy patterns and large logos. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and the most, well, you! Matching with each other is not necessary but it can be cute to coordinate one or two items. If she’s wearing a plaid skirt, stick on a plaid tie! If he’s wearing a red shirt, put a red bow in your hair! Feel free to bring a couple of different outfits and accessories with you as well.

Should we bring props?

This is entirely up to you but they can definitely be a great way to add fun and creativity to your shots! One of our couples brought a bunch of brightly coloured balloons with them which ended up being a BLAST! Up, up, and away! Having your shoot in the fall or winter? Bring cold weather accessories such as hats, blankets and scarves! Shooting in the spring? Bring a picnic basket filled with all of your favourite foods! Again, think of what makes you guys you! Is there a sport that you both love? Bring a football along! Did you meet at a coffee shop? Bring his and hers mugs! The more creative the better! Lacking inspiration? Again, ask your photographer! I’m sure that they have seen some pretty cute things in the past that they can recommend. Pinterest is also a great resource that you can check out for ideas!

Should we plan our poses beforehand?

Looking at photos for inspiration can be great for generating ideas, but at Boundless we really feel that natural photos turn out the best! We’ll get you laughing, smiling, and exchanging those looks of love that you just can’t plan for! Of course, if you see something that you really like we can definitely recreate it for you! This shoot is all about capturing magical moments between the two of you so make sure to let your photographer know what your desired outcome is. Our best advice though? Have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to let loose, get silly and let your personalities shine through!

TIP: Plan your wedding makeup trial for the SAME DAY! This can maximize the uses of your new make up, and have you feeling your best in front of the camera! If you can do your hair trial on the same day… Even Better!