Ideas for Something Old, Something New

As the old rhyme goes, incorporating ‘something old’ and ‘something new’ into your wedding day attire should bring you good fortune as you begin this new and exciting chapter of your life!

So if you’re superstitious, or if you just want a little extra luck on your side, read on for some creative ways to incorporate these two!

Something new’ is easy enough! In fact, it would probably be quite difficult for you to make your way down the aisle wearing entirely second-hand items! Unless you’re wearing your mother’s dress, your gown will likely satisfy this! If not, then your shoes, or your veil, or your stockings. You get the picture.

‘Something old’ is where you can get a little creative! Speaking of your mother’s gown, one of my favourite ideas is to incorporate pieces of her old gown into your new one! I’m sure that she will feel honoured by the lovely gesture and be more than happy to let you use it. One way of doing this is to get your seamstress to take some of the lace off of her dress and incorporate it into your veil or around the bottom of your dress. If you’re having a hard time working her fabric directly into your dress (the colour of the fabric might not match if it has yellowed over time!), use a swatch of the fabric to wrap around the stems of your bouquet!

Since “vintage” is currently a popular style, it’s easy to get away with wearing jewellery or accessories that have been passed down to you by your mother or grandmother. As an added bonus, this item could also double as your ‘something borrowed’!

Your ‘something old’ doesn’t necessarily have to be something that’s passed down to you! You could wear something old of your own! Your favourite necklace, heels, or undies, and there you go! If you don’t want to alter your already complete wedding outfit, a cute idea is to wear the perfume that you wore when you first met your beau. It will bring back old memories for both of you and make that moment when you say “I do” that much more special.

Hopefully one of these ideas tickles your fancy and you can knock the first two parts of the rhyme off of your ‘to-do’ list!