Mistakes You’ll Make If You Plan a Late-Night Wedding

We’re seeing more of these pop up and although candlelight ceremonies are amazing for the guests to witness, there are a few considerations that may deter you from fully jumping into your dark ceremony.

Consider the Photography

If you are completely in the dark from your ceremony into the wee hours of the morning, you’ll miss out on those perfectly lit outdoor shots. The team here at Boundless are fully capable of creating beautiful outdoor scenes with our flashes and extensive gear, but you should be aware that you will lack in bright outdoor shots.

SOLUTION: Do a first look just before sunset. Not only will you get beautiful and amazing light, but you will be able to go right form ceremony to partying and still have all the perfect photos!

Consider Your Guests

It’s perfectly fine if you would like to party with your close friends into the wee hours of the morning, heck, even a beautiful sunrise photo shoot can be amazing after a night out. But your guests MAY not feel the same way. Book all your formal events early in the party (Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss etc…) then your guests who have a pumpkin to catch at midnight can leave while still enjoying the entire wedding and it’s festivities.

It WILL Cost You More Money

Either you’re hiring the wait staff, help and vendors until sunrise (remember, they have to tear down), or you’re booking two days on most rentals. Adding an overnight party adds in an extra day for most vendors meaning they will charge you for the additional time.

Noise Can Be a Serious Problem

If you’re in an open field, or barn party, I’m sure the cows wont complain, but in a residential area or alike, you’re seriously risking a 11:30 police visit. This is a small, but major detail that is very likely to ruin your party. We had a wedding at a GreenHouse in Newmarket and the owner failed to tell us about the 11:00 noise curfew. It was a struggle to convince the party to bring down the noise to a dull roar (Spoiler Alert: We didn’t really shut up)

Vendor Overnight Accommodations

In most of our contracts, overnight accommodations are required when we feel it will be dangerous to drive home after the wedding, same thing with DJ’s Bands and Planners. Remember, we sleep too! Consider the vendors that have to travel and will be exhausted post wedding (4-5am) Not only is it contracted, but it’s responsible to put them up. This adds serious cost.

Although you will be dreaming of a night wedding, consider these points and really consider your guests. These ceremonies are beautiful, magical and amazing…. At a cost.