Say Yes… to the First Look

Seeing your husband before the ceremony is supposed to be taboo, right? Not in today’s world. The most beautiful, private, amazing and spontaneous ceremony is popping up in our weddings more and more every year.

This new-er ceremony is where you and the groom are looking away, or blind folded then (on the count of three) you both open your eyes to see each other for the first time? Sound cheesy? Think again. This is the most romantic ceremony you could possibly have, and I’m going to tell you all my reasons why (feel free to comment and disagree):

You both STILL have that moment where you are anticipating the other person

There is a count down, and time where you can imagine what she looks like, plus the reveal is as amazing as seeing her walk down the isle for the first time.

Both of you will be more openly emotional

Let’s face it, some guys are able to keep their emotions in check as the bride is coming down the isle, in a lot of cases, they fight to keep it suppressed in front of the ceremony guests, but when it’s just you two, you both are open and 100% you..

The photos are AMAZING!

We all know the iconic shot of the bride walking down the isle – and you aren’t depriving yourself of that. What you are doing is adding in a super cute and privately romantic set of photos that not only add more life to your album, but add creativity and more ‘perfect’ reaction shots. The photographers are not limited by the church rules, and we can go, do, create, and make anything we desire. This ALWAYS ends up in a positive for you.

You have more time for… everything else

Once you get the first look completed, you now can go into your photo sessions, and for later afternoon ceremonies, this is the difference between having a few photos, and having a TON! I got married at 4:30 and my wife didn’t want the first look at ALL, but her biggest complaint is that we didn’t’ get enough photos of the two of us after the ceremony based on the time constraints. We had 30 minutes in total, and about 4 poses. The photos are great, but we both wish there were more (Is it too late for an I told you so? – JK honey…. If you’re reading this)

Actually talk to your fiancée after the first look

And not just stare at each other for 20 minutes in excitement. Get out all the fun chatter, and stories with each other RIGHT away, and this gives you both more time for focused conversation about, say, your wedding dress. With less going on, you both are more focused on what is going on right in front of you – Each other.

Many of you will disagree with this, and I want to hear from you. I didn’t do the first look at my wedding because my wife was more traditional and she wanted the first sight to be down the isle. What way would you go?