The Secret to Perfect Wedding Photos

Shooting weddings for the better part of a decade has taught me a few things: Rain photos on the wedding day are the BEST (Although your hair stylist would disagree), wedding sill never go on time, and becoming friends with your photographer is the difference between okay photos and the best photos of your life.

Among those top three points, I thought it might be a good time to share how I feel that you’ll get the best wedding photos you possibly can.

Here are a few tips from the Boundless Photography Team that will yield perfect photos and max out the productivity of the limited-time photo shoot

Have Fun

Seriously. Fun is the difference between uptight poses with worried faces, and relaxed images that reflect you two. If you open up and have a good time, you’ll allow us to create inspiring images and push the creativity to the max.

Plan Ahead

Make a list. Know what kind of shots you would like is a great way for us to jump right into action! We’re very good at creating on the fly, but if there are shots that you like / require, give us a list before the wedding date, and we’ll make sure to get them done as awesome and quickly as possible.

For example: List out all the family members you would like photographed and in what order, this gives us 100% chance for capturing everyone and not missing out on, say a brother who decided to get a drink rather than take photos. If we have a list to work off of, we can quickly round everyone up!

Get your wedding Party on Board. So many times over the years I’ve seen wedding parties slow down the photo process and essentially miss out on great shots because they are simply not paying attention, or caring more about drinking in the limo than standing for a photo – I get it, they’re ready to party; I’ve been on both sides: as a groom, and as a groomsman.

But if your wedding party is not on board for photos, it puts a HUGE damper on my ability to get your perfect shots. TIP: Talk to your team ahead of time, let them know that you’ll need them and their undivided attention for 45 minutes for photos that mean the world to you, THEN they can party, you’ll be off to the races.

I Get One ‘Trust Me’ Per Wedding… and It Trumps Everything

Meaning that even if you’re sick of photos, or would rather drink than come with me to take a beautiful sunset shot, you will NEVER regret it. Photographers see the world differently than most – We’re constantly looking for angles, and shots and perfect moments that we can manipulate into a piece of wall art for the two of you. When I come to you in the middle of the dance floor, and you see the sparkle in my eye, dragging you out to the beautiful amber sunset on a hill behind the clubhouse where you got married – You’ll thank me for it 10 fold later – Just ask Justin and Lesley – 2015 Boundless Bride & Groom (Internationally Recognized Award Winning Sunset Photo)

Create a Photo Schedule (With Us)

I want you to have fun on your day, and I want you to have the most photo memories AFTER your day. We can achieve this by planning ahead. Work with us on making a schedule that works with your photo session and the time that you have allocated. To give you an example, we would schedule your family shots directly after the ceremony, then your entire wedding party for 45 minutes after that. Once everyone is completed, they can go to the party while the three of us take romantic couple photos. This allows for maximum productivity, and will even allow you to get to the cocktail party as well! Let’s face it, this isn’t a photo-shoot, it’s your wedding.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

I need you both at your best for every moment of the day, and it’s hard when you forget to eat and hydrate. I just shot a wedding in 34 degrees (Feels like 42) and the couple looked as if they were going to faint; this isn’t good for the photos. Bring food, water (and wine) in a cooler and tote it around in whatever transport you are commissioning – It’s a pain in the butt, until you need it.

Props are Cool… as Long as You Have Time for Those Shots

Consider your Thank You Cards! You could DIY a banner that says ‘thank you’ to your guests and have those printed by Boundless to have to send out post honeymoon! Umbrellas are always awesome during the rainy days. Bubbles are always the BEST, so are sparklers! Do you have a dog? Bring them! The more ‘stuff’ you have the more unique the photos.

Hire a Second Shooter

Sorry honey, but it’s not all about you – It may feel that way, but after your wedding day, you’ll want to see everyone and everyone’s reactions. While I am shooting with you two during the photos session, the second shooter will be taking shots of your guests enjoying the cocktail hour that you have put so much time into. This will be come very important as you begin to realize that there is more to the wedding day than just the fancy photos.

Don’t Overthink

Just be natural, just be you; Realize that these photos are trying desperately to reflect you two as a couple. Let us capture you in your ‘natural emotional habitat’ and open yourself up to be silly and awesome. Yes, we’re going to take bad photos of you, you’re human – But we don’t keep them! I’ll take over 3000 photos in a day and dozens of each pose, then pick the best ones of each. Let yourself fly and be perfectly you, and trust me to pick the best ones.

Tell Me What To Do!

Okay, yes, I’m a professional and yes I have unlimited ideas for your photos, but we’re a TEAM! If you see a tree that means something to you, or you want to hop on a bike and ride down a driveway in your dress – Let’s do it! I’m always interested in collaboration and between the three of us, we can make some petty darn amazing wedding images!

Bring a Small Make Up/Touch Up Bag

Chances are that by the time I get to just you and your new husband to do your romantic photos (Or fun, whatever) it could be almost 4 hours since you last checked your make up. I want you to feel amazing, sexy, confident and strong during this session and if you require a quick check-up before we start snapping, this is a great way to do it!

And finally…

Let US be US!

At this point, you love Boundless Weddings, you love our work, and you love your photographer. You trust us to do amazing shots of you on your wedding day, so let us! Make a list, yes – However if you have 200 shots on that list, we will be more focused on getting those shots and less on being creative. Provide guidelines, but let us experiment. Give us mandatory family shots, but leave us to pose them. The more freedom we have, the more Boundless we’re going to be.