Unplugged Ceremony… Please!

I’m going to talk to you directly as your wedding photographer here about a very easy way to obstruct the magical moment as you walk down the aisle. Please have all your guests turn off their phones, cameras, iPads and let us do the job for all of them.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve taken a perfect shot of the first kiss and had someone jump out in the isle with their iPhone right in front of me forcing me into a James bond evasive move to capture the kiss (** knock on wood** I’ve never missed to date. In today’s technological world of photos sharing, Instagram and Facebook I get that they want to have every moment on their little phones, but that’s what you hired us for! Your guests WILL get in the way of us shooting, and innocently enough, they will not know that they did until they see the photos at the end.

Weddings are a live event and things happen so quickly that we have to react to or we are going to miss it. When your ceremony guests are holding up phones during important moments, this forces us to move around them. This MAY end up with us missing whatever that moment was.

Not only can you potentially miss out on these special moments, but your guests should be there to witness your wedding, not to try to take photos. When they are thinking about the shot rather than listening to your vows, they are splitting their concentration.

My wedding was the first unplugged ceremony that anyone in my family has ever done and it’s been praised and celebrated ever since. We have the most unbelievable photos which are classily perfect without an iPad sticking up in the sky above my parents head.

Oh, BTW, your iPhone camera is terrible in low light and the photos will turn out poorly anyway!