Wedding DayJa-Vous | What is a Same Day Edit?

This is without a doubt a the most awe inspiring, amazing and unexpected trend in the wedding industry today. Imagine seeing your entire wedding again… while you’re still there. I’ve heard form dozens of party guests that they were blown away by the video that was created and presented at the reception, not because it was the best production they’ve ever seen, but how quickly it was put together.

Couples are choosing the same day edit for one reason – to give their guests a change to live the moments of the wedding that they were unable to attend. How is this possible? You have to be teamed up with an amazing and confident editing team. The behind the scenes process is unbelievably challenging and takes a skilled person with an extremely cool head to pull this off. We have you covered here.

Reasons to spend a little bit more for the Same Day Edit:

1. Your guest will literally talk about it for years – Not even joking, years.
2. Most people at your wedding will not be there with you as you get ready + ceremony
3. It’s amazing and unexpected for people who don’t know what it is / or have seen it before.
4. You have a video that NIGHT of your wedding, and trust me, you’ll watch it about a dozes times the next day. (My wife and I did for sure)
5. It’s instantly sharable – We send you a copy that evening before we leave the venue (Assuming the venue is nice enough to give us Wi-Fi Access……)
6. You’ll see how you looked waking down the isle.
7. You’ll remember how he looked when he saw you for the first time

Tips for the best same day edit:

Keep it a secret!

If you don’t tell anyone, they wont expect to see their face on the screen that evening! It’s a perfect surprise especially for people who have never seen it before.

Do a pre-wedding video!

If you don’t tell anyone, they wont expect to see their face on the screen that evening! It’s a perfect surprise especially for people who have never seen it before.

The more time we have, the better it will be

I can get a great same day edit out and presented in 3 hours, but if I have 6 hours to do it, it will be astronomically better. I can add in audio, better effects and transitions.

Present it in conjunction with a pre-wedding video

Your engagement video is PERFECT or a couples interview video prior to the same day edit. It gives your audience a chance to meet the two of you prior to your big day, and the story is amazing!

Pick a perfect song

Not too short, and not too long. Let it have swells and solid verses. A strong chorus and lead up is perfect for Same Day Edits. Need help with selecting? We’ll help.

Make darn sure you’ve contacted your DJ about it

As they will be the ones that are required to play the audio. The more they know ahead of time, the better it will be.

You have to rent a projector and screen

Some venues have this as a package, and some don’t. You are responsible for the AV gear (unless you pre-arrange with your video company). Your editors will usually have a laptop and the presentation files, that’s it.

Give us a table near a plug

Giving the editor room to, well, edit is imperative! We’ve been put in kitchens, DJ booths, hall ways, cars and everywhere in between, and let me tell you, when we’re constantly getting interrupted, we lose focus quick.

Give your guests a little more of you two and book a same ay editor to make your wedding reception one for the books.