We’re Going Steady With The Doctor’s House…

I am beyond proud and thrilled to be making this announcement today, Boundless Weddings has been selected by the iconic Doctor’s House in Kleinburg (Vaughan) to be the exclusive preferred photographer, cinematographer and wedding planning company.

The Doctor’s house has always been close to the Boundless family, it was the location of our first ever commercial (which you can see here), an amazing location for about a dozen weddings we’ve shot, and the place where Mrs. Boundless and I tied the knot. Naturally this picturesque location in the middle of historic Kleinburg is a perfect location for a wedding. The cute surrounding village hugging the venue is not only eclectic, quaint and full of gorgeous textures, but it’s ‘permit free’ meaning we can shoot anywhere in this little town without worry! Right around the corner is the beautiful McMichael’s Art Gallery for your perfect photo location, making this venue the perfect ‘all in’ choice for every couple (It’s the exact reason I chose to get married there.

The Doctors House and Boundless Weddings both have the same philosophy on life, love and the perfect wedding day, and this is why we’re the ideal fit and a great team. I’ve come to get close with the staff there as well, Allison, Joy and Zoe have been unbelievable to get to know,. I’ve never seen a better captain running around all night than Wellington, the serving staff, kitchen team and management are interested in only the best experience for their brides.

Choosing to team up with Boundless Weddings at your Doctor’s House wedding is going to give you the most intimate and perfectly you wedding. We know this venue like it was our own home, and that translates to photograph locations that you wouldn’t otherwise know about – (aka, the Barbershop across the street loves us for shots with the guys ahead of your day ? Drop us a line and let’s talk about what you have planned here in Kleinburg.