Why You Should Consider a Winter Wedding

When planning a wedding, couples will typically opt for a date ranging from late spring to early fall. There are many reasons for this! The milder weather being the most obvious.

However! Here at Boundless we feel that winter weddings are one of the industry’s best kept secrets! They have so much to offer that most couples never even consider. We want to fill you in on why choosing a winter wedding might end up being the best decision you could make for your special day!

From a photography standpoint, freshly fallen snow is a GORGEOUS backdrop for your wedding photos. The light reflecting off of the snow creates an effect that is unparalleled at any other time of year. Yes, it will be chilly, but that’s where you can have fun with warm winter accessories for the whole bridal party! It will definitely be worth it when you receive these stunning photos!

And now onto the other stuff! Since spring and summer are the most popular seasons for weddings, it is often difficult to find availability at the venue of your choosing! If you decide to have your wedding later on in the year, the demand is much lower and can often result in lower rates! And who doesn’t like saving money?

Christmas. Themed. Wedding. Enough said.

But really! What a fabulous time of year full of love and joy which will definitely translate to your special day. Rich colours, twinkling lights, a hot cocoa bar, what could be better? In addition, many of your guests may be taking time off from work for the holidays and therefore more likely to attend! Especially out-of-town guests that the event would not be complete without.

So there you have it! If you want beautiful photos, your dream venue, cheaper rates, and to be surrounded by all of your friends and family, you should definitely consider a winter wedding! It will also make that honeymoon escape to the tropics that much better!